Synthetic and Artificial Grass FAQs

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about synthetic and artificial grass. Something else you’d like to know?  Please get in touch using the contact form linked here or call us: 1800 1 GRASS (1800147277).

Synthetic Grass – DIY Installation:

We do not recommend installing your own artificial grass, particularly to large areas, until looking very closely at the process.

For best results, the base work requires the use of a compactor which is a heavy piece of machinery and can be dangerous if you are not experienced in using it. There’s also a lot of heavy work involved in removing existing grass, barrowing in crusher dust and sand and moving rolls of grass (approx. 3kg/m2).

Other things to consider:

  • Measuring and cutting grass needs to be exact and all of the grass needs to run in the same direction for a seamless finish.
  • The self-adhesive tape can also be tricky.
  • You will need to get down on your knees to pin the perimeter and joins.
  • It is also recommended that you use a power broom to position the sand evenly throughout the grass and help make the blades stand up in a more natural position.

For further information please refer to our DIY instructions. Should you wish to get a quote from one of our preferred installers, simply call us on 1800 1 GRASS (1800147277) or use the contact/quote form provided here

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Our grass is 3.74m wide and one roll is 25m long. First you must decide which way the grass will need to be installed for optimum aesthetic appeal. The blades of grass should be pointing toward the direction from which you or others will be viewing your grass most often e.g. From the back porch when you are entertaining or from the road for street appeal. First draw a basic map of the area. Looking from the best vantage point, measure the longest width of the area and then the longest length. Also measure the perimeter of the area. For odd shapes, you may have to break the area down into smaller sections to calculate the square meterage. Not all areas of the same size will cost the same amount due to the directional flow of the grass.

Synthetic grass can directly stick to concrete but it will be a very hard surface unless you use attenuation pads for soft fall. For most yards, the existing grass needs to be removed to a depth of approximately 100mm. A layer of crusher dust is then spread evenly over the area and compacted to a thickness of at least 80mm leaving 20mm so that the grass sits level with the rest of the area.

Our synthetic grass has drainage holes and the crusher dust base is porous. If you are installing the grass in an area that collects water, you will need to place ag-line under the area. If you have an existing drain you will need to prepare the area to fall toward the drain.

If you are laying grass directly over concrete, you will only need a tape measure, utility knife, a glue scraper and something to guide your cutting such as a level.

If you are laying grass on a surface that has already had the base work done (ie crusher installed and compacted), you will also need a hammer to knock pins in, a wheelbarrow and shovel for the sand infill, a blower and a strong broom or power broom.

If you are also doing the base work, you will need a tamper (for very small areas only) or compactor.

You may also need to install edging which may require saws, mallets, hole diggers, string lines, nail guns, drills and screws/nails. Our preferred contractors usually use treated pine sleepers for edging.

For a crusher dust base, you will need to place an anchoring pin every 500mm along the perimeter and joins, and around any garden beds, trees or equipment. You will also need self-adhesive tape beneath joins between sections of grass.

Grass glue is used for directly sticking to concrete and galvanised U-pins are used to anchor your grass into the base work. It is also weighed down with the sand infill.

Yes, synthetic grass can be directly glued to concrete and tiles. Best results will be seen on a level surface.

Our preferred installers have covered many balconies with synthetic grass. It looks fantastic and provides a yard for those living in units above ground level.

With a good base preparation and effective drainage, synthetic grass is a great solution to wet areas. Many people have artificial grass installed exactly for this reason.

Synthetic Grass – Pets & Cleaning:

Yes, our synthetic grass is designed to be pet-friendly.

It is durable and free from harmful chemicals like lead and cadmium, and as long as it is secured in accordance with the instructions provided, it is unlikely that pets will be able to damage or displace it. Additionally, if the grass is laid over a porous base, urine will flow through the small holes in the plastic backing into the ground. However, if the grass is laid over concrete or if there is only a small area for pets to use as a toilet, it may be necessary to rinse the area with a solution of 1 part chlorine to 20 parts water to remove odours.

Hose down your grass: this will keep your grass clean, improve the drainage properties and cool the grass down in hot weather. The grass can get a little slippery when wet so exercise caution.

Clean up after your pets: pick up and dispose of any animal droppings. You can use a solution of 1 part chlorine to 20 parts water to remove any odours caused by your pets.

Hose off or wipe up spills: most spills can be hosed off, but sugary or greasy food and drinks might need to be wiped up with warm soapy water and gently hosed off.

If wet debris forms a skin on the grass, it can become prone to mould or algae. Treat the grass with a mould or algae killer then remove any residue with a rake and broom.

Our grass has a 7-year UV stability warranty.

Outdoor synthetic grass is infilled with kiln-dried sand. If you vacuum it, you will remove the sand from the grass.

Yes, but you need to be careful that you don’t place the machine too close to the grass or the sand will be displaced.

Synthetic Grass – Cost, Colours, Quality & Suitability:

Our lines of natural-looking synthetic grass are commercial grade, extremely durable, and competitively priced between $35 and $38/m². VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE

Synthetic grass is great for kids play areas. It is used in childcare centres and schools all over the world. If you have playground equipment in the area, it is important to look at installing soft fall in accordance with the critical fall height for the safety of the children using the area.

Our preferred installers have decades of experience installing synthetic grass in schools, preschools and playgrounds. For more information, or to organise a free quote for installation, please call 1800 1 GRASS (1800 1 47277) or use the quote/enquiry form located here.

Depending on foot/play traffic, you grass should last at least 7 years and up to 15 years. Additionally, our grass comes with a 7-year UV stability warranty and a 1-year installation warranty when installed by our professional tradesmen; however, please note: there is no installation warranty applicable to DIY projects.

The quality of artificial grass depends on the materials used to make it. Eastcoast synthetic grass is made from premium, durable materials that look natural and pass the test of time. View product specifications and download data sheets here.

Our preferred installers all provide a minimum basic 12-month installation warranty. For warranty and returns information, please click here

All the information, support, tips and hints will be offered but NO warranty will be provided for DIY projects. For warranty and returns information, please click here.

Yes, synthetic grass can be laid on concrete. In fact, it’s one of the most common surfaces for installation of artificial grass, as concrete surfaces often provide a flat and stable base for the grass to be laid on.

However, it is important to ensure that the concrete surface is clean, dry and level before laying down the artificial grass, and also to make sure that it is properly secured to the surface. Additionally, if you are installing synthetic grass on concrete, it may be necessary to rinse the area more frequently with a solution of 1 part chlorine to 20 parts water to remove odours caused by pets using the area as a toilet.

Our preferred installers have covered many balconies with synthetic grass. It looks fantastic and provides a yard for those living in units above ground level.

Our grass is free from lead and cadmium and can lower the water consumption of your average home considerably. There is also no need for mowing which voids the need for lawn mowers and fuel.

Synthetic grass does not ignite, however, it is a synthetic product, so prone to melting. For more information regarding the fire safety compliance of our products and related testing, please click here.

With a good base preparation and effective drainage, synthetic grass is a great solution to wet areas. Many people have artificial grass installed exactly for this reason.

Synthetic Grass – Ordering & Installation:

We are synthetic grass suppliers, however, can organise a free quote on your behalf from our list of preferred installers.

We are based on the NSW Central Coast and service a broad geographical area of NSW, primarily the east coast. Special arrangements can sometimes be made for customers outside these areas who are willing to organise their own freight/collection, so please send us an enquiry. When ordering online, a single handling and delivery charge will be calculated automatically at checkout. If your postcode falls outside our delivery zones (advised during checkout), or if the cost is prohibitive, we encourage you to contact us to discuss options for completing your order.

We offer free pick-up by arrangement from our Central Coast depot, and paid delivery to a broad geographical area of NSW.  A single handling & delivery charge will be calculated at checkout. The minimum charge is $100 for delivery to anywhere on the Central Coast, and increases based on the kilometre distance from our North Wyong depot (see map). Should the calculated cost be prohibitive, you are welcome to collect your order from our Central Coast depot, by arrangement. Alternatively, you can organise your own professional cartage and simply get in touch with us to schedule a mutually convenient collection time. We are eager to please, so please contact us to discuss options for completing your order.

Provided your product is in stock, we aim to deliver your order within 48 hours from Monday to Saturday.

Five lineal metres of artificial turf is the minimum order. You can order in increments of 1 metre for any lengths above 5 metres. Each lineal metre is 3.74m wide.

Please note that while we also sell accessories for synthetic grass installation, it is expected that these will be purchased at the same time as your turf. Should you miscalculate your requirements when placing your original order and need additional accessories, please get in touch and we can process your order manually.

You can collect your order, by appointment, from our North Wyong (Central Coast, NSW) depot. You’ll find a map and address details here.

Online orders can be made via credit card: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Google Pay is also available when purchasing via our online store.

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